Pearl & Bead Restringing Made Simple

Preface: I have created this private (1-2 students at a time) new Pearl & Bead restringing class during the time of Covid. We will be Socially distanced and wearing masks. To schedule your class call: Estelle Drinkhaus 831-239-2828

Come join me to learn the “Lost Art of Hand Knotting”. Repair your treasured strands of pearls and beads. You’ll learn how to redesign and combine to make a completely new and unique piece if you choose to…..or simply restring Grandma’s keepsake pearls. The class takes place in my home by the Ocean in Santa Cruz. The first class lasts 2 hours. You’ll learn about the correct tools, threads, and findings in order to create a hand knotted project. The follow up class will be scheduled, when you feel ready, have worked on a few pieces and have many questions.

The cost of the class is $100. This includes a full kit of everything your’ll need to begin restringing: Specialty tweezers for knotting, two types of beads and pearls, plenty of thread to string future projects, 2 types of pliers, cutters, and assorted clasps and findings. You’ll also receive a booklet listing each method I will teach you in detail and a resource catalogue from Fire Mountain Gems.

I extend a 10% discount if there is someone you would like to take the class with.

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